Happy New Year and Thanks

Happy New Year to all those kind enough to read my blog!

2014 was the year I started blogging and presenting at Oracle-related conferences. It has been a great experience. I enjoy studying specific problems in depth and being able to correct or improve my efforts without constraints. Thanks very much to all those who posted comments, whether to thank me, to discuss issues or to provide much needed corrections…

Special thanks to Keith Laker for encouraging me to present at Oracle Open World 2014, and for inviting me to an extra day at Oracle Headquarters.

One of the best things about Open World was briefly meeting lots of bloggers and / or experts whom I have followed on the Internet for years. I did get to spend some time with Galo Balda (one of the select few who talk about the MATCH_RECOGNIZE clause), and with Tim Gorman.

When I got to UKOUG Tech 14 in December, I saw some of these folks a second time and it was much easier to have real conversations and get to know them. I also met some friendly and interesting Brits, including those who let me tag along for a pretty good Indian dinner. Thanks to Tony Hasler for his SQL challenge and a good conversation about life as a consultant and “optimizing” Oracle statistics.

2015 will be my final year with my current employer, so something new and currently undefined is on the horizon. I should have some more time for this blog, so stay tuned!


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