About this blog and test environment

As of October 2021

  • My test environments are:
    • Always Free ATP 19c (now at, but with undocumented Cloud-only enhancements…)
    • Always Free ATP 21c (now at
    • Database App Development VM with Oracle 19c (19.3)
  • I refer to the 19c or 21c documentation depending on the subject.

As of October 2018

  • My test environment is Virtualbox 5.2.20 running the Database App Development VM with Oracle 18c ( on a MacBook Pro (15.4/2.0GHZ/8GB/256GB FLASH)
  • My development tool is Oracle SQL Developer (version 18.3).
  • This blog uses the Able theme because it is wide: I try to avoid horizontal scrolling.
  • The photo shows sunset over Capri, Italy in late December 2013.
  • I use American spelling (unless I forget).
  • I wrote a function to generate an html table from an SQL query. I’ll blog about that when it’s mature.
  • Starting in 2018, I refer to the Oracle 18c documentation unless otherwise stated.

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