About me

I’ve been a developer, a project leader, a technical sales rep, a technical architect and head of the Oracle Development Expertise team in my company. I am now an independent, very part-time consultant. I love elegant, concise and efficient solutions. At home, my interests are family, reading, cinema, theater, art, travel, gregorian chant and sports – especially KU basketball.

If you want to read the best compliment I ever received > Ask Tom “SQL Query”


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. I feel the need to thank you personally for your invaluable info and recommendations. I really like the simplicity of your posts in OTN.


    • Hello Sim,

      You are very kind. I appreciate your coming by and I am happy to have helped. I learn a lot from good questions on OTN.

      Best regards, Stew

  2. Stewart,
    I was not able to find an email address for you. Would you be will to help me out with an issue? I am trying to figure out some code and have posted the question in forums and no one knows the answer. I reviewed your blogs and believe you might be able to assist me.

  3. Hi, as I am not on Twitter, I cannot reply to u… on APEX-Hosting-provider… so I leave a message here.
    I can recommend maxapex.com – I hv more than 5 years very positive experiences with no down-times and always up to date upgrades… presently on 21.21 …. give it a try ! brgds Bernhard

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