#DOAG2016: Ranges, Ranges Everywhere!

Today I did my second presentation at DOAG2016. It was at 9:00 so I got to sleep in ;)

The room was huge but there were enough people that I didn’t feel too lonely.

The room and the technical help were top notch, and again there were questions at just the right time to remind me of things I might have left out!

[Update 2016-11-20: there was a bug on slide 21 ! Instead of “order by end_n” it should be “order by start_n”. I have updated the slide on the DOAG website and on slideshare. My test cases were not thorough; my apologies…]

As promised, I put the presentation on Slideshare. Here is the link:

I will be blogging about some of the content later on, so stay tuned…

As always, please download the slides and play them in Powerpoint so you can see the animations.

Thanks to DOAG for the invite!


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