Chunking tables 1: Genesis

When I helped answer a question from Jonathan Lewis on OTN, little did I know that I would become a participant in a presentation and white paper by Bryn Llewellyn on “Transforming one table to another: SQL or PL/SQL?

Jonathan wanted help in finishing up an efficient SQL solution for dividing a table into 12 “equal chunks”, each “chunk” being a rowid range that covers the same number of blocks (give or take 1). It turned out he was motivated by a conversation with Bryn about the possibility of solving the problem using only SQL.

Bryn incorporated into his white paper two solutions based on my work, and asked Jonathan and me to speak for a few minutes during his presentations at Oracle OpenWorld and UKOUG Tech 15. I was of course honoured and pleased to be heard in such company and I thank Bryn once again for his interest and kindness.

Bryn has asked me to explain my contributions “in plain English”. That has made me think more about the subject, so I’m going to write a series of blog posts about what I hope I have learned. I’ll cover whatever interests me, whether or not it relates directly to Bryn’s work. I do hope Bryn will find what he needs for his white paper.

Current list of posts: 

May I ask you one thing? Please do not comment on Bryn’s work here. The right place to discuss Bryn’s work is here:

You are welcome to comment on my words here (underneath the appropriate post), and on Bryn’s words beneath his post.




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