The Obligatory Post #oow15 Blog

I’m not much for non-technical posts, but @ThatJeffSmith told me I needed to blog more often and he has broad shoulders. Besides, OpenWorld was pretty good this year.

Martin Widlake already blogged about how the user community makes OpenWorld a good experience. I second that, especially since I had the advantage over Martin of not being alone when I was with Martin.

I would add that this year I had quite a bit of contact with Oracle employees who definitely enhanced my experience:

  • On Monday Steven Feuerstein, Connor McDonald and I discussed how “satellite” or “virtual” members of the Developer Advocates team could join them in promoting technology we all enjoy.
  • On Wednesday morning they hosted a discussion including Kim Berg Hansen and Alex Nuijten about how to promote and teach SQL analytic functions (by the way, analytic functions rock!).
  • Next Bryn Llewellyn invited me to speak a few minutes at his session on SQL vs. PL/SQL for breaking up a table into ROWID ranges. Improvising was scary but it felt good, especially when it was over :)
  • Immediately thereafter, I joined Keith Laker for his presentation on “SQL in the era of Big Data”, which was rehearsed somewhat and therefore a bit more relaxing. That evening I had dinner with Keith at Scoma’s: I command you to go there next year!

    In the two sessions where I spoke, I am excessively proud
    that not once was uttered the word “Cloud”…

  • I must mention Bryn Llewellyn’s “Why Use PL/SQL” session on Tuesday. It was very convincing for those not already convinced, and for the rest of us it enlightened our intellects and strengthened our wills
    – and I met Toon Koppelaars whom I knew electronically and who is now also an Oracle employee with the Real World Performance team.

I shall shamelessly pass over all the other attendees, employees and conference staff with whom I shared a great week. Far from feeling alone, I regretted not being in two places at once! I regret especially having to skip most of the Oaktable World sessions due to last-minute meetings or rehearsals.

Special thanks to Danny Bryant and Bobby Curtis for finding a place to eat after 10 P.M., and a special thought for Galo Balda who was supposed to go to the airport with me but whose flight get cancelled due to flooding in Austin :(( I hope everything will be all right for him and his city.

So here’s a final thankyou and best wishes to all!

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