1 Uncool Thing about the COMPARE_SYNC Package

It only works in version 12 :( That’s right, I didn’t test in previous versions and there was a bug. Please refer to the COMPARE_SYNC post for the new, improved version. Here is what I changed:

  1. The name is now COMPARE_SYNC. I don’t know what got into me to put those four meaningless letters in front.
  2. The column lists are formatted so that no line is longer than 80 characters.
  3. The column lists are now CLOBs, so there is no artificial limit on the number of columns.
  4. When generating the column lists, I query ALL_TAB_COLS differently for version 12 and previous versions. In version 12, I query the new USER_GENERATED column, and in previous versions I query HIDDEN_COLUMN instead.

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