Down with Firefox

Warning: this post is not technical and it is not about Oracle.

Brendan Eich recently resigned under pressure from his job as CEO of Mozilla, the makers of Firefox. The reason given was a campaign contribution that Mr. Eich made in 2008.

The State of California has the “referendum”: a proposition is submitted to a yes or no vote, and if accepted it becomes law. This is pure democracy.

In 2008, Mr. Eich made a contribution to a group that opposed a proposition. In 2014, a group favorable to the proposition started a boycott of Firefox when Mr. Eich was promoted to CEO. Mozilla succumbed to pressure and asked Mr. Eich to resign, which he finally agreed to do.

It doesn’t matter what the proposition was about. This was an exercise in democracy and Mr. Eich was participating in the debate as a private individual (although he named his employer as required by law). If he had contributed to the opposite side, would he have been asked to leave? (Laughter)

Mr. Eich lost his job because he exercised his individual liberty on the “wrong side”. In protest, I am personally boycotting Firefox. This post and all further posts will be written using Google Chrome.

If you think that freedom of democratic debate should be limited to those who agree with you, then feel free to boycott this blog.