MacBook Pro: VirtualBox problems – and solution!

Do any of you use (or plan to use) VirtualBox on a MacBook Pro? If so, be warned that there are some bug reports claiming instability or poor performance of some VMs. In my case, I wanted to use 2 CPUs in my Linux/Oracle VM; when I did, some Oracle tests ran twice as slow as with 1 CPU.

I downloaded the latest version of VirtualBox (4.3.6) and that sped things up a bit. To get good performance, I had to uncheck the option “Enable I/O APIC” in the System/Motherboard settings. This forces me to use only 1 CPU.

If anyone knows how to overcome this problem (maybe with a newer version of Linux?), please reply here. Thanks in advance!

Update :) In the storage settings, I forgot to say that my drive was solid state! I can now enable I/O APIC and use 2 CPUs. If you use the Oracle Developer Day VM and you are using an SSD hard drive, be sure to say so in the VirtualBox settings!


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